Tina: I never heard of Jesus!

Well it started with a mission trip to Boston almost two years ago and I haven’t been able to forget my friend Tina. Well Tina was an event that changed my life and why I received the credit for sharing her story I still can’t fathom but it purred into a moment that brought so many to Christ. Tina was a single black mother who was an ex-heroine addict who never even heard of Jesus Christ. I mean when I met Tina i was fresh out of Teen Challenge and going after people with a focused love. It started out as an outreach for Basketball with Teen Challenge Boston then moved to giving hot dogs to Tina and her friend. Tina had five kids and was living with someone else and had no job. I mean her oldest daughter who was all of 16 was carrying a baby. This in my head was crazy and I ran to go get the hot dogs and said to friends who were with come with me to talk to Tina my friend Janice I am just changing her name because I haven’t asked her to use her name.So we went over there and started talking to her and sharing our testimony about Christ and Tina was telling us that she was delivered in jail from Heroine just woke up one day and said I don’t want to use. So I truly asked her if she ever heard of Jesus and she no she hasn’t. I was shocked and amazed at the same time. The opportunity had arose for us to tell her about Christ and we knew about our savior not nearly as much theology as I know now. We shared how God came and saved us and could do the same for her and she accepted Christ into her life that day. the news got to some Teen Challenge students that we led someone to the lord and they saw authenticity in us that we were real and wanted to live for Jesus. I spent three days there and the relationships I built I still remember all from two things hot dogs and the name of Jesus. A very important ingredient. That day I realized I wanted to be confirmed in preaching the gospel to people in places like where Tina was and I actually preached to youth this last week and 11 people came to Christ. I know it is not about numbers but praise God. I am looking for an anointing to release the captives, feed the poor, and heal the sick. i refuse to go any place else. U.S. missions is my heart and evangelizing here is my passion there are people who will be sparked by just one life and the many that will come to Christ because I have a passion to win souls.


Angel: A Conversion from Hate to Love

When on a mission trip last year I meet a cool kid name Angel. When I mean cool you know that type that sits in the back and make snide remarks. I only know this kid because, I use to be him and hang out with kids just like him. In this time of my life I felt the Holy Spirit draw me near him. I feel this lot since; I hunger for evangelism and ministering to the youth. Well, Angel has a sorted story and if I knew I probably would have scared him off at first but I have a tendency to talk to people before I say Jesus wants you to come into the Kingdom. This is a method like this of tell me your story, then I tell you Jesus story and one experience of mine that maybe impact your life. So I am talking to Angel at the youth group and he is very much closed to the idea of me ministering to him but I know guys and this guy likes music and especially drums (Holy Spirit helps a lot).So, we talk drums and then dreams and what he wants to do and then I say God can take you places you can’t imagine and then I hear the truth of his heart. Jesus I don’t believe in Jesus. Does this shock me? No, many kids at youth groups don’t believe in Jesus. Well I tell him for some reason a story of God reuniting me with my son. Angel gets a look in his eye and there it is the softening begins I broke through. Well I said would like to know Jesus and of course this is too soon but hey sometimes you never know your answer. He told me not yet and I say I am around for a couple of days and we will hang out. My college goes around to different Teen Challenges and ministers to kids everywhere and we are in Oklahoma. So we do a bonding time so we can know the kids better so we do a field day and service later that night. In the presentation I preach a message about open doors for Christ and I move with the power of the Holy Spirit and a hunger for just one soul jumps out of me and you know who it is Angel. This is the part where you have to have faith in the Father because what he told me to say was not common with what I say. These are the exact words "Angel do you want to die?" What? We talked back and forth he said he didn’t love Jesus and I told him that was a lie and I know he did and he fought every tear in his eye, I was making a bold attempt to snatch this life from the flames of hell. I was like, ok no turning back if I am going to be bold let me go all in. So guess what I did and then came the question of alright Angel what are you going to do. A stillness came into the room worship was drowned out heaven and hell were at a standstill and Boom like a sonic boom in the room. Angel began to sob and threw his arms around me and said these wonderful words."I do love Jesus, I Love Jesus". A glorious spirit broke forth and I walked him to the alter and led him to Jesus and something else happened at that alter his eyes became blank and he began to shake under the power of God and gripped the stage with such strength every man came and laid hands on him. I stepped back and say a darkness leave his eyes. Later he says a voice he has heard for so long left him that night. The leaders of the Teen Challenge said a curtain fell and let me tell everyone in that room received joy and this was one moment as a budding Evangelist I will never forget.

Is your Body Holy?


It has been a while since I blogged maybe a couple of weeks I just want to share a couple of things that has been lying on my heart. I have been praying for while and seeing God answer my prayers with greatness. I have prayed for finances and he has answered me and then for a unified community and he has answered. I have even heard in my spirit he would give me India yes and I truly believe it! I will spread the Gospel in a progressive manor throughout the 26 states which I am starting to pray over as I type this blog. This is not the total purpose of my blog it is the grievance of slavery that won’t escape my thoughts and the impure generation I have grew up in. I read in 1 Corinthians 6 that fornication is the only sin committed with the body every other sin defiles the heart but fornication defiles the body. I  am struck by that scripture and what conviction it laid on my heart is was deep. I have been seeking God in a major and beautiful manner asking Him to fill my heart with pureness and I have reached an area of my life and seen the result of being married to the bride of Christ and seeing the spiritual fruit from that hunger. I am not a strange charismatic guy who seeks manifestation and doesn’t have strong faith in the Lord. I could have faith in God alone but this thought of child slavery and human slavery has hit me in a major way in the last year. I have seen the gifts of the spirit operate in my own life but this thing I wish the men of God would grab a hold of purity of the flesh and heart. I truly have been praying for a wife but that also has been preparing me for our encounter. I see a trend of awareness and dedication form young women of God this need in ministry. God called fathers not men who fornicate; we need to rescue our children. I am dedicated to the teaching of God’s word knowing that it truly is living and has a power that no other thing in this world can match. The Power of the savior in my life has driven to points of desperation but the separation of his spirit from my body because it filled with sin I probably would not be able to come back from. This is powerful and heart-wrenching if we can grab this right now as you read this fornication of the body is sin against the spirit of God because your body is His temple. I truly think this has not been taught I know I never been taught this but I do know it is God’s word and we need to find new and dynamic ways to apply this teaching to the Body of Christ. In Ephesians it says God knew us before the foundation of the world. We were already a spirit he was pouring into flesh but to sin against the living god would be to use our body as a place of death and bondage. We weren’t meant to live in sin and our body was meant to sin against the spirit of God. I know this is why human slavery and sex trafficking is angering God because it is sinning against his temple.  Read these verses and see what the Father says:

But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

1Co 6:12  “All things are lawful for me,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful for me,” but I will not be dominated by anything.

1Co 6:13  “Food is meant for the stomach and the stomach for food”—and God will destroy both one and the other. The body is not meant for sexual immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body.

1Co 6:14  And God raised the Lord and will also raise us up by his power.

1Co 6:15  Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? Shall I then take the members of Christ and make them members of a prostitute? Never!

1Co 6:16  Or do you not know that he who is joined to a prostitute becomes one body with her? For, as it is written, “The two will become one flesh.”

1Co 6:17  But he who is joined to the Lord becomes one spirit with him.

1Co 6:18  Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.



1Co 6:19  Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own,

1Co 6:20  for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body

Can we know ignore the fact that we are lying with sin and allowing it dominate us. I pray you see the vision from the lord for people to live holy and pure.


More to come: Burn bright

Construction or development

When thinking about construction and development we rarely think of the people and how it effects them. In Construction we tear down and demolish all the time. In development we build and improve. In this do we think about ministry? I do there are two people in charge at both sites. The characters are a foreman and then a developer. The Foreman will move dirt, trees, and anything that stands in his way. Then there is the developer he is a resources type guy. A developer uses the natural resources and builds upon them rarely removing them from their environment. In ministry do we recognize any of these characteristics and associate our walk with it. One I remember in ministry as a young, very young, even younger than I am now leader. I wanted to change the world and that anything that didn’t work that included people. I was a bulldozer pushing and clearing people out of my way. I learned that I had a relationship with God but if you didn’t I was going to force you to have one. I had so much misplaced zeal I needed to harness it in a way people would want to come to God not run from his overzealous son. In this short period I have redeveloped my focus in life and it is development of people. Relationships are extremely important and bring great value in my life not the accomplishments. I have the tendency to want to bulldoze but that’s when my friend the Holy Spirit speaks up. I have a heart for development not construction. I want to develop Kingdom relationship not bulldoze people to the cross. I have been really mad at God because I have no idea why I bulldoze and not develop right now in my life. Past accomplishment are minimized to nothing and future accomplishment seem way to small. I see my life stuck on repeat and before I came to Christ I wasn’t happy at what I was accomplishing and that’s nothing. I am no longer an equipment operator and in this new place of training to be developer is more than I want to do. I want to just skip the development school and move onto being a developer. I really like feed back on this one please. I just pray God sees me through this new development and I hope Christ gives me a little more grace.

My revival Experience

Well I sit here from an awesome experience a pivotal moment in my life when I know God is speaking to me. I have been hearing God and he has been speaking about vision and I have been hearing him say this since the beginning of the year and I attended The bay of the holy spirit revival for the second time but this time was completely different and I truly know God has brought me to Orlando and the revival for a reason I have been having awesome dreams and visions. I want to tell everyone I was touched by God kissed his feet in worship and now know I am to do the work of the evangelist what that looks like I have no Idea I know God has told me to go to India and all of Latin America. I know now I can do all thing with Christ right now I am in preparation period and guys who follow me and seen my frustration and my joy now that God is working on me but a character of love for men and women is overwhelming and I love Teen Challenge and what they are doing I ask that you guys join me in some way a prayer a like follow me on facebook I don’t know where God is sending me always but I know he has got me so I love you guys and I hope you see my heart in this. I am an Evangelist in every since of the word I love old women and children and love to feed the poor like the true definition of an evangelist see all that I am doing follow me and as I do the work of my father watch God moves in all of our lives. I see a worldwide call with all young people and God is calling forth a Joshua generation to answer the call unprepared but ready for battle

looking for Partners!


Hello followers and friends that just happen on this page. I appreciate everyone who has liked the post. Now this the biggest part of the ministry and the part I dread the most. In this great work I just want to say I will be the only Youth Pastor in my area that is from Ag and alone Teen Challenge that is reaching those on the Delmar Divide. The need for this dangerous city who has high pregnancy rate with teenage deaths and little hope for the future. As a Associate Pastor at Middletree Church I will be reaching those in the great divide with the Gospel of Peace where peace doesn’t reside. This is not an impossible task but a very capable task for Christ. The vision is to bring a major impact on all generations in the city of St.Louis and change the face of it forever. A…

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I have a testimony that bleeds this question and how God answer’s you and bring you into a new relationship with Him daily. I am a type of Guy that sought recognition for the work I do and used that to replace the evidence of a father. I have an impeccable work ethnic in my life it has always been something I have displayed no matter what in my life. In this season of my life getting closer with God and crying out for the deeper things of God and as a maturing Christian asking God to go deeper and the answer I received was not I was looking for. I took major pride in my Christian work and not being lazy about devotions and prayer and waking up and doing what I said was fellowship with God but after a while that routine becomes mundane and dry in so much. I received an eye-opening deep revelation of Who I Am in Christ Jesus. I have never realized how I made it so much with pride and false humility and trying to put out the workmanship of Christ Jesus. I have seen the work of the Cross in my life and know that I am in Christ Jesus but my Identity lies alone in him and not in anything I can do as a follower but the direct sonship of my father. i have been focusing this season simple yet beautiful occurrence in my life. I have seen that I am His and he is mine and alone and above and below everything we are the workmanship of Christ including creation, destiny, identity. There is a passage in the Bible which say that he(Christ) was in heaven awaiting the time where is role would be implemented knowing he was going down to fall in love with all of us and die to see us glorified. Christ is my first Love and I am His first works. I am so enthralled to let people and youth and men and boys know what they are in Christ and not the cliche but the adoption and sonship of Christ and bring them closer to the arms of Christ is so beautiful.

God GIven Design

A God-Given Design

“C. Peter Wagner stated, “The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches.” In doing this Russ says “Three urban realities make caring for people a requirement for any strategy to reach people in the city. First, urban people have significant needs that influence the way they hear the gospel.”

These are vital even in the community of unbelievers it is said , “ One American denomination recently found that 80% of its converts came to Christ in churches less than two years old.” This is more than evidence of but these statistics aren’t always seen but some recent claims suggest church planting is a failing operation current research has proven 68 percent that nearly 4,000 churches planted each are still operating four years later. Due to urbanization of large cities, the Christian mandate of Matthew 28:19 says, “Go there and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit to be developed through prayer evangelism, discipleship, and missional church planting.

Prayer evangelism that has been used and effective by Ed Silvoso is the country of Argentina. This is an evangelistic prayer approach. He says, “All cities are struggling against storms of evil and many are stewing in mess of social chaos This method executed to touch the city for Christ, relies on the state of the church in place. For example, Church, meaning body of Christ. He further states, “To attempt to reach a city for Christ is an act of war- spiritual warfare. An initial step in reaching a city for Christ is to erect or reconstruct God’s perimeter. Any effort to touch the city without a plan is futile. The initial move for pastors is to help construct God’s perimeter in the city by gathering around Jesus.

In every city there is a faithful remnant. God first uses the faithful remnant to establish a model. “By faithful remnant, I mean, Christians who are waiting for the Kingdom of God to come to the city.” The faithful remnant has two regulations: They trust God for the city, and the church is one, even though there are many parishioners. This is a form of supernatural circumference that is created by the faithful remnant. A circle of light, pushing out the edge of darkness.

This is prayer evangelism warfare at its’ finest. A house of prayer plan of action is to have a secure supernatural circumference and a direct area of attack. Once this area is known the adversary has a major problem he must now think about the faithful remnant. Now a secure and widened place of execution the point now is to turn the tables on satan and make his steps insecure. The victory has three elements: the blood, our testimony, and our willingness to die if need be. Prayer evangelism has been a great catalyst of change within the mission of America, which has been visible. This includes prayer walks, pray vigils and many different prayer networks to increase evangelism. This being established, we need discipleship more than ever in the city.

Discipleship at its core in the urban context is this: dwelling among your people. Many urbanites have been hurt, mistreated and capitalized on by programs of influence in the city. “Churches offer community development as evangelistic tools such as legal aid clinic, health clinic , and day care center.”. In this, we have to know people in order to show the good news with them in a relevant way in their life. A method of most effectiveness in an urban model is “incarnational.” In John 2:25 states. “Jesus knew what was in man.” Jesus knew man’s sins their fears and their vision and dreams. “Disciples want to be in a community with disciples

Churches are the catalyst which disciples are made. The urbanization of our world is evident and effective urban strategies are crucial. A model employed is the volcano where task are influential endeared, empowered, embraced and the last overflows evangelism. The base of the volcano in ministries is medical clinics, schools, and camps. The need becomes a “movement” to measure success.

This becomes measured by when leaders are naturally identified by others. This is most effective in the image if Christ by mirroring him with living among them. This changes when it is not about making disciples for just making disciples but those disciples are building the Kingdom of God everywhere. The change becomes multiplicative and reproductive becoming a progression. This brings the church to the forefront and now we have a purpose for building churches. In, this not just building churches but in essence planting churches.

The nature of the church is missional instead, considering values of theological missions. “the kingdom of God grows through church multiplication.” Church planting has not become vital in bring Christ to the city but that needs to change. This method is not omitted in missionlogy it is quoted in this way saying churches in “Among several ways of to multiply churches in cities–which is what effective urban evangelism always is.” Church planting needs to be partnered with evangelism procedures, especially harvest nearing to evangelism. Dousing church planting is a dream that focuses on equipping the entire body of Christ within area, city, province or country to establish a church within reachable distance for every person in reason to disciple the nation.

There are evident things that churches will do when planted with a mother-daughter model. Church planting can bring new life to the old church. Also, in new churches you develop new leaders, church planting helps the survival of the church. “ the more immediate danger is that many needy people will go unserved if we assume that most congregations are doing or could do something that they cannot.” Diverse churches are needed with diverse people. In accordance to old churches a fresh awareness and new compassion arises for the lost. Church planting has had many methods that are effective specific to the area of ministry. Beach-heading, is church planting to cross-cultural locations, with native pastors and training native workers. In the near future, others will attempt to church plant in the inner-city to urban settings.

“Global forces of Urbanization have created moral anxieties both new and familiar. As populations urbanize, cities have grown into massive cityscapes, driven by centripetal forces of expansion and centrifugal forces of uneven development.” This is the point of why church planting is effective in large cities take for instance in Los Angeles, where there are 85 distinct languages and 130 different spoken languages in public school. The people groups in Los Angeles make up ninety percent of the world. This makes large cities hubs for evangelism. This is an ever growing and effective method to taking Christ to the nations.

In conclusion, C. Peter Wagner has held on to the strategy of church planting as God-given. Growth in large cities has moved us into the mandate to go into the byways and highways. We have a duty to use these methods take the perimeter for God with prayer evangelism. Be in touch not out of tune with today’s culture being “Jesus” never distancing ourselves from the effect of discipleship. Once we know that this is more than evident, God will give us a fire to plant churches. In this we never forsake our mother churches but ignite them with the efforts and work of Christ. In the opinion of one disciple of Jesus Christ planting churches does more than disciple but shows disciple how to disciple and build a character of Jesus everywhere not just when he is in church.

unschedule shortcuts

Well today I went on an excursion on our 62 acres at school. I want you to picture this a not-so-country Guy walking through many different thickets of woods. I was walking through the woods to take a shortcut to the office on our property. In our shortcuts in our life we always try to take shortcuts. I was walking, ducking, and bending trying to find a path to the office. I knew there was one, because I saw others take it. I never followed them ,but I saw them come out on the other side alright. There goes so irony for you ha. I was walking and to my amazement there was a streams were lush and fertile as I took steps. I was getting lost talking to God while in the midst of my understanding saying God I know you can help me right now. So, I couldn’t find a path in the thicket so I retraced my steps not moving forward but walking backwards instead of forward. So, I went along this treeline which, looked like it would take me to this perfect trail. I knew was determined to get to the other side. I saw a hill ,but there was an obstacle a stream in the marshland. I was walking on logs and then the steady logs were gone and there was a gap and a tree I was holding on to. I have ventured far into my steps that turning back would be stupid in my own little thoughts. I was seriously hanging on to this tree breaking off limbs to make the walk on the water easily instead of going back I truly thought I could get to the other side. I mean this shortcut was becoming an obstacle. I didn’t even know, I was by myself and seeing my stubbornness. By this time I had my feet wet my pants were muddy and I was tired and sweating from a shortcut that was suppose to take me no time. I finally got out and was walking up the road to the office and being humble in such a major way. I heard God say this we take shortcuts in life make our own decision and then when we want to find the way out we call on Him. I learned some major things:
1. Never take shortcuts
2. rejoice in the path you are walking in no matter who is taken shortcuts.
3. Humbleness is a character quality.
4. Preparation is a gift.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Today is thanksgiving of course but something changed today about thanksgiving the Holy Spirit came to dinner. A nice civilized dinner with old family friends and my close family members. I shared psalms 100 and God allowed people to start thinking about what God has done. In my own life the restoration of my immediate family has been amazing. Then liver cancer,cancer,drug addiction,and sorrow for the nation. This is what God has done at my table. Then let me call her Aunt Grace was asked what was she thankful for and she started singing Thank you Lord and the whole table joined in. God brought tears of Joy from three generation with continued blessings. I truly have one thing to say about this thanksgiving a year I will never forget because for the first time God is being thanked before anything in our life.  Many Blessings