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God Culture

Everyone Must come to a point of salvation and know it is only initiated by God’s Grace . In this process God will develop a culture that reflects his leadership.Through servant leadership God not only sent his only son to die for us . He gave us a model on how to build a relationship with him that’s EVERLASTING. Through characteristics of God we operate a GOD culture. We can solidify this culture by the relationship we build with holy spirit and the living word of God. This culture is based on total trust in God and what he will do to make a blessings for other’s. Are you evaluating your life and are you living a culture of God ?

Let’s pray
God please allow to live in a culture that exhibits you so you can use us more effectively


only by grace

well i been walking with my Lord for over a year now and i know he is great. I really like all to know that i have stepped out in large porttion of Faith and asked him to open doors where i have not seen them yet. I have some very serious things going in my life spirtual battles i have been fighting for others and praying more fervently than ever God has revealed so much to me in my life that i am a giant killer there is no opposition that he can’t handle that i can praise him without self image and i can only do work with him. Some vitals truth’s that i have discovered in this early walk is Grace let me make it clear and definite we can only be saved by GRACE and it is truly and absolutley sufficient . Another truth is that we have a plan that he can only initiate through his love when we think we are in control he is absolutely in control and i love him for that The Potter uses us as long as he holding us when we remove ourselves from his hands we lose that protection that power that authority to do all things through him


Hello everyone thank you for visiting this blog I will tell you a lot about me I am 31 years of and realizing the ministry God has in my life. I am an intern as of this moment at Teen Challenge’s Emerging Leaders College. I have been saved sanctified and set free (sorry for the  bad cliché). Well my life is totally different from before, i have never imagined it could have been this good . I truly am living for God and witnessing his hope in lives. I created this space for the reason to express my thoughts and share testimonies of the graces of God in people’s lives. If you happen to see something you like or want to donate to the ministry God has placed me in I am looking for donors who in this time want to support me I am studying to be an Evangelist to the continent of Latin America this means a lot of preparation and a lot of financial support.I have a heart for God and his people be young or old I just want people to know what God can do in their lives if they just let the holy spirit come into their lives and guide them comfort them teach the relationship that God wants with them. I am truly a man of God and see a vision of Lain America being set free from the enemy and a fire of God being set free on that country that express a culture of God