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Jesus is My Savior

I seen this today I had it all wrong my eyes have been opened. I was wrong in my prayer life, in my ministry, in my life.I have been quoting John 14:6 for a long time but in the seventh month of my time at Emerging Leaders College I have seen a step in a life-changing breakthrough and its JESUS. Jesus is right here with us alive we see an empty cross and pray to God but John 14:6-7 tells us ” I am the truth and the way and the life. No one comes to the father except through me. If you really know me you would know my father as well. From now on you do know him and have seen him.” I have been missing it all of it Get to know Jesus and we know the father. Wrestling with God but he saying I am sorry Carl you are bypassing my son Jesus. Jesus has the keys and I have access to Jesus then God. This a foundational lesson a word only from Jesus to get to God if Jesus is interceding for us why not come in agreement and pray with him. John 14:6-7 say Jesus and are the same. Man we need to ask Jesus for everything he is interceding for us we can’t enter the Kingdom of God with out him. Read John 17:6-25 emphasis on John 17:9 9 “My prayer is not for the world, but for those you have given me, because they belong to you.

Carl Johnson


My true and living testiomony

well you know what it takes a lot of courage to realize who you are in Christ. I grew up with a pretty good childhood I thought it was normal to drink and smoke and party and dabble in things i never tried before. In no time i was lost and living a wreck less life. I saw people overdose going to funeral thinking of suicide I was ok with knowing i was going to die with nothing. I lived a truly miserable existence when you think about moving around being homeless on countless couches always being that guy who never had anything in life but,that all changed on miserable hot day in Orlando Florida i was drinking myself in oblivion as a normal practice of mine waking up on a couch i barely paid to occupy. I needed help i was thinking now trust i have been here millions of times before but the result always brought me back to this point it was what i call the ridiculous point when you know you shouldn’t being doing what you are doing and you keep doing it and you say to yourself this is ridiculous. this is the point where God took me where i know for a fact i know he intervened with a phone call a facebook message from some person till this day i can’t find who saved my life with a simple check out seek your face and a random chain of events led me to the doors of teen challenge the ministry God used to form me in to the new creation i am right now i was broken hurt lost and done with all my mess and i left my mess there where it was i received a promise to have my hearts desire and to see the potential once my eyes were truly open i am wanted i was found and I had father who wanted his son back home with open arms no matter what he did he loved more than i ever knew. Today friends i have problems still money ain’t right but i am in god’s will i love him he loves me and the details don’t matter they are just a blur compared to the things i have seen now i guarantee if you want to meet him he is waiting for you too………… 2 Corinthians 5:17 for you are a new creation the old has past and the new is come friend come live in the new with me

Real men surrender

I have meditated on this for awhile. What does this word say to me . Now in my life it means more to what the world says so men cry never surrender why some with the cry of their heart on knees and tears bowing to the king of kings I surrender God my life to you. This is something that takes some men a lifetime to see but to others like myself a moment a real encounter. I surrendered my entire life to Christ and nothing else. Some men surrender to country to things of this world as men of great caliber they surrender to faith and trust in God being interdependent on him spirit and truth. Once you turn and surrenderyour life is not easy you fight harder then things you have strength to battle but God sent Christ and at the feet of Jesus your surrender becomes your annoiting know this all who totally surrender are purposed to God Son and spirt through faith in Jesus Christ you can remain surrendered and see true and abundant life