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One true Servant


   I was studying one night and God laid on my heart to study Phillip the Evangelist. I thought there was not much about him but there is one thing that is evident about him and is described in Acts. Phillip was first a Deacon. This is the point of what I want toexpand on and that’s Phillip the true servant of God. Lets first define Deacon it means one who serves. The Greek for deacon is diakonia defined as Christian minister. Well since we have a definition lets ask ourselves some questions 1. Would you be a servant? 2. Would you know God’s word? 3. Would you put Gods word in practice in your life? Now let’s keep these question in mind when we ask God I want to serve you. Now a deacon has the same responsibilities a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. These qualifications are found in 1Timothy 3:8-13 and 1 Timothy 1:19. This servant must be respectable (Phil 4:11, 1 Peter 1:17) sincere, not a drinker of wine and tested. A servant must be sincere free from deceit. My favorite which God does daily is tested test the reliability of the servant. Now that we want to be Deacon or servant we have some qualifications 1. A good reputation 2. Full of the Holy Spirit. 3. Apt to teach 4. A man of faith servants need to be men of energy and courage for faith. To see this operation in the life of a true servant we see a Godly life 1Timothy 3:8-13, A firm grasp on sound doctrine Acts 6:9, Advance of Church unity Acts 6:5, The presence of deacons or servants should advance evangelism. Servant must always be busy to do service or serve. I see this as major quality and character of any person saved by the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a life of a bondservant, a deacon, lay person, armor bearer, many more terms but I believe T.F. Torrance sums it up really It is only in this Jesus that we learn what diakonia really is, the loving service inMercy that looks for no reward beyond the knowledge that we do what is commanded of us and looks for no thanks from those to whom mercy is extended, but it is only because this Jesus has made our cause His very own, sharing our existence in servitude and sharing with us His own life of love, that we may and can engage in this kind of diakonia in Him.


What Global University will do for me


Obtaining a degree and course work through Global University can have a more than significant impact on my family, culture, and country in many ways. I was saved and then called at an early age, but I didn’t submit my life to Christ completely until the age of 29. One major impact has been to empower, equip, and train me to walk stronger with the Lord. Secondly, this will impact upon my family because God has allowed me to be the first biblically-trained missionary to reach the last of my generation, being the fourth generation, of men released from physical slavery. Christianity in America, a culture under fire, is constantly emerging into a more solid foundation that I can stand on to be an example in my beliefs and ultimate faith in God. As a student with Global University, I intend to forge toward impacting the world through evangelism and education. The foundation of biblical truth I have obtained has given me the preparation to fight against a world most young adult’s face with addiction and other life controlling behaviors. In mentioning before that I am going to be the first biblically trained missionary in my family, I will be an example of a servant of the Lord reclaiming the mandate of Matthew 19. The influence and example of missions is going to be forever known in my family. I strongly believe that being a black male and a missionary for various cultures and backgrounds throughout the United States that I can show to others that God is no respecter of person, and anything is possible with God. In conclusion, the impact on my family, country, and culture is incomparable. My thoughts always soar when I think of the possibilities God has placed in front of me. One open door was being able to attend and be involved with the legacy of Teen Challenge and another is the new legacy God is forming with Global University in using its graduates to impact the world with His word. I pray and hope in Jesus Christ that the training and equipping that is taking place will be valuable to those who are called, and chosen to spread the Gospel.