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Mission Trip Part 2

Well I told you guys I write a part two to the Mission trip and I love that God has put on specific things but this is a testimony on how God honors our Labor of Love. We were leaving for Oklahoma and unbeknown to me God was at work in lives over 2000 miles away. Personally the enemy knew God had released something in my life that would be great joy but like the physical weather there was a storm in my soul a conflict had a risen and my flesh was rising quite quickly and giving a chance for the Devil to speak to me. Well the combination of the devil and my new destination thoughts were quickly rising that weren’t becoming of a minister of God. In that time God gave me strength in the storm to continue and sacrifice my flesh in so many ways and build new relationships with fellow bond-servants but I got back in the spirit and began to let the Holy Spirit fight my battles once again. We were painting and cleaning, ripping up 30 year old carpet and ripping 50 year old bars off windows and when I ripped that first set of Bars and literally screamed FREEDOM and not only did I feel it in my spirit I felt in the physical. Finally release from that condemning bitter spirit that plagues men with pride. In all this I am an absentee father praying for my son for two years I have been praying for him to come back into my life and BAM! God allowed his mother to contact me via facebook and I have a contact number for him and recent pictures c’mon God honors sacrifice and obedience especially in the storm. God has done a lot with me by saving souls and speaking boldly but this is the biggest miracle I have ever had in Jesus name in my new life as a Christian male.


Mission trip part 1

I have been traveling for two weeks on the road with my brother and sisters and seen the move of God. Our Father has endowed us with great ability to speak boldly to others in evangelism that I have never spoken with before in my life. I called people out challenged their walk and  God showed up and broke down their walls. I know I am nothing in the world but something in the kingdom of God and it is exciting. I have been prophesied over only twice in my life believe it or not and I know God honors both of those prophesy’s. One was serve God and I will get my passport and go to India and the other was be obedient in the storm and God will continue to give me powerful words for others. I had an experience I have never had before in my walk one is God using me to slay people in the spirit and speak so boldly in someone life it brings them to tears to God. I was such a willing vessel it was amazing in all that I have ever done and God is just scratching the surface of what he wants to do in and through me in Jesus Christ. I wanted to tell you guys about Eric he is a amazing testimony of how God can work and this is it we just finished the bulk of our service and Eric’s prayer was assurance in Christ he belived in Christ and shared with me that he already knew who he is and I started speaking life into him in Jesus name and a smile started to show and then I said be filled with the joy and he started laughing and Boom! God filled him up. I was floored and excited because God didn’t stop there in two days time God used me in that fashion for three other boys. During one anointing a boy fell and I saw the Fear of god face to face and witnessed his awesome power upon my hands and praised him and thanked him for using me in such a way. I have never been used by God with such favor before in my life and I know how real he is to me there is prosperity and a movement in the kingdom of God that I am apart of that is so amazing that I can’t fathom with my finite mind. I am sure God is moving rapidly through me and going to lay down some powerful words that are shaking the foundation of unbelievers and I welcome it.