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God GIven Design

A God-Given Design

“C. Peter Wagner stated, “The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches.” In doing this Russ says “Three urban realities make caring for people a requirement for any strategy to reach people in the city. First, urban people have significant needs that influence the way they hear the gospel.”

These are vital even in the community of unbelievers it is said , “ One American denomination recently found that 80% of its converts came to Christ in churches less than two years old.” This is more than evidence of but these statistics aren’t always seen but some recent claims suggest church planting is a failing operation current research has proven 68 percent that nearly 4,000 churches planted each are still operating four years later. Due to urbanization of large cities, the Christian mandate of Matthew 28:19 says, “Go there and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit to be developed through prayer evangelism, discipleship, and missional church planting.

Prayer evangelism that has been used and effective by Ed Silvoso is the country of Argentina. This is an evangelistic prayer approach. He says, “All cities are struggling against storms of evil and many are stewing in mess of social chaos This method executed to touch the city for Christ, relies on the state of the church in place. For example, Church, meaning body of Christ. He further states, “To attempt to reach a city for Christ is an act of war- spiritual warfare. An initial step in reaching a city for Christ is to erect or reconstruct God’s perimeter. Any effort to touch the city without a plan is futile. The initial move for pastors is to help construct God’s perimeter in the city by gathering around Jesus.

In every city there is a faithful remnant. God first uses the faithful remnant to establish a model. “By faithful remnant, I mean, Christians who are waiting for the Kingdom of God to come to the city.” The faithful remnant has two regulations: They trust God for the city, and the church is one, even though there are many parishioners. This is a form of supernatural circumference that is created by the faithful remnant. A circle of light, pushing out the edge of darkness.

This is prayer evangelism warfare at its’ finest. A house of prayer plan of action is to have a secure supernatural circumference and a direct area of attack. Once this area is known the adversary has a major problem he must now think about the faithful remnant. Now a secure and widened place of execution the point now is to turn the tables on satan and make his steps insecure. The victory has three elements: the blood, our testimony, and our willingness to die if need be. Prayer evangelism has been a great catalyst of change within the mission of America, which has been visible. This includes prayer walks, pray vigils and many different prayer networks to increase evangelism. This being established, we need discipleship more than ever in the city.

Discipleship at its core in the urban context is this: dwelling among your people. Many urbanites have been hurt, mistreated and capitalized on by programs of influence in the city. “Churches offer community development as evangelistic tools such as legal aid clinic, health clinic , and day care center.”. In this, we have to know people in order to show the good news with them in a relevant way in their life. A method of most effectiveness in an urban model is “incarnational.” In John 2:25 states. “Jesus knew what was in man.” Jesus knew man’s sins their fears and their vision and dreams. “Disciples want to be in a community with disciples

Churches are the catalyst which disciples are made. The urbanization of our world is evident and effective urban strategies are crucial. A model employed is the volcano where task are influential endeared, empowered, embraced and the last overflows evangelism. The base of the volcano in ministries is medical clinics, schools, and camps. The need becomes a “movement” to measure success.

This becomes measured by when leaders are naturally identified by others. This is most effective in the image if Christ by mirroring him with living among them. This changes when it is not about making disciples for just making disciples but those disciples are building the Kingdom of God everywhere. The change becomes multiplicative and reproductive becoming a progression. This brings the church to the forefront and now we have a purpose for building churches. In, this not just building churches but in essence planting churches.

The nature of the church is missional instead, considering values of theological missions. “the kingdom of God grows through church multiplication.” Church planting has not become vital in bring Christ to the city but that needs to change. This method is not omitted in missionlogy it is quoted in this way saying churches in “Among several ways of to multiply churches in cities–which is what effective urban evangelism always is.” Church planting needs to be partnered with evangelism procedures, especially harvest nearing to evangelism. Dousing church planting is a dream that focuses on equipping the entire body of Christ within area, city, province or country to establish a church within reachable distance for every person in reason to disciple the nation.

There are evident things that churches will do when planted with a mother-daughter model. Church planting can bring new life to the old church. Also, in new churches you develop new leaders, church planting helps the survival of the church. “ the more immediate danger is that many needy people will go unserved if we assume that most congregations are doing or could do something that they cannot.” Diverse churches are needed with diverse people. In accordance to old churches a fresh awareness and new compassion arises for the lost. Church planting has had many methods that are effective specific to the area of ministry. Beach-heading, is church planting to cross-cultural locations, with native pastors and training native workers. In the near future, others will attempt to church plant in the inner-city to urban settings.

“Global forces of Urbanization have created moral anxieties both new and familiar. As populations urbanize, cities have grown into massive cityscapes, driven by centripetal forces of expansion and centrifugal forces of uneven development.” This is the point of why church planting is effective in large cities take for instance in Los Angeles, where there are 85 distinct languages and 130 different spoken languages in public school. The people groups in Los Angeles make up ninety percent of the world. This makes large cities hubs for evangelism. This is an ever growing and effective method to taking Christ to the nations.

In conclusion, C. Peter Wagner has held on to the strategy of church planting as God-given. Growth in large cities has moved us into the mandate to go into the byways and highways. We have a duty to use these methods take the perimeter for God with prayer evangelism. Be in touch not out of tune with today’s culture being “Jesus” never distancing ourselves from the effect of discipleship. Once we know that this is more than evident, God will give us a fire to plant churches. In this we never forsake our mother churches but ignite them with the efforts and work of Christ. In the opinion of one disciple of Jesus Christ planting churches does more than disciple but shows disciple how to disciple and build a character of Jesus everywhere not just when he is in church.


unschedule shortcuts

Well today I went on an excursion on our 62 acres at school. I want you to picture this a not-so-country Guy walking through many different thickets of woods. I was walking through the woods to take a shortcut to the office on our property. In our shortcuts in our life we always try to take shortcuts. I was walking, ducking, and bending trying to find a path to the office. I knew there was one, because I saw others take it. I never followed them ,but I saw them come out on the other side alright. There goes so irony for you ha. I was walking and to my amazement there was a streams were lush and fertile as I took steps. I was getting lost talking to God while in the midst of my understanding saying God I know you can help me right now. So, I couldn’t find a path in the thicket so I retraced my steps not moving forward but walking backwards instead of forward. So, I went along this treeline which, looked like it would take me to this perfect trail. I knew was determined to get to the other side. I saw a hill ,but there was an obstacle a stream in the marshland. I was walking on logs and then the steady logs were gone and there was a gap and a tree I was holding on to. I have ventured far into my steps that turning back would be stupid in my own little thoughts. I was seriously hanging on to this tree breaking off limbs to make the walk on the water easily instead of going back I truly thought I could get to the other side. I mean this shortcut was becoming an obstacle. I didn’t even know, I was by myself and seeing my stubbornness. By this time I had my feet wet my pants were muddy and I was tired and sweating from a shortcut that was suppose to take me no time. I finally got out and was walking up the road to the office and being humble in such a major way. I heard God say this we take shortcuts in life make our own decision and then when we want to find the way out we call on Him. I learned some major things:
1. Never take shortcuts
2. rejoice in the path you are walking in no matter who is taken shortcuts.
3. Humbleness is a character quality.
4. Preparation is a gift.