I have a testimony that bleeds this question and how God answer’s you and bring you into a new relationship with Him daily. I am a type of Guy that sought recognition for the work I do and used that to replace the evidence of a father. I have an impeccable work ethnic in my life it has always been something I have displayed no matter what in my life. In this season of my life getting closer with God and crying out for the deeper things of God and as a maturing Christian asking God to go deeper and the answer I received was not I was looking for. I took major pride in my Christian work and not being lazy about devotions and prayer and waking up and doing what I said was fellowship with God but after a while that routine becomes mundane and dry in so much. I received an eye-opening deep revelation of Who I Am in Christ Jesus. I have never realized how I made it so much with pride and false humility and trying to put out the workmanship of Christ Jesus. I have seen the work of the Cross in my life and know that I am in Christ Jesus but my Identity lies alone in him and not in anything I can do as a follower but the direct sonship of my father. i have been focusing this season simple yet beautiful occurrence in my life. I have seen that I am His and he is mine and alone and above and below everything we are the workmanship of Christ including creation, destiny, identity. There is a passage in the Bible which say that he(Christ) was in heaven awaiting the time where is role would be implemented knowing he was going down to fall in love with all of us and die to see us glorified. Christ is my first Love and I am His first works. I am so enthralled to let people and youth and men and boys know what they are in Christ and not the cliche but the adoption and sonship of Christ and bring them closer to the arms of Christ is so beautiful.


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