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Tina: I never heard of Jesus!

Well it started with a mission trip to Boston almost two years ago and I haven’t been able to forget my friend Tina. Well Tina was an event that changed my life and why I received the credit for sharing her story I still can’t fathom but it purred into a moment that brought so many to Christ. Tina was a single black mother who was an ex-heroine addict who never even heard of Jesus Christ. I mean when I met Tina i was fresh out of Teen Challenge and going after people with a focused love. It started out as an outreach for Basketball with Teen Challenge Boston then moved to giving hot dogs to Tina and her friend. Tina had five kids and was living with someone else and had no job. I mean her oldest daughter who was all of 16 was carrying a baby. This in my head was crazy and I ran to go get the hot dogs and said to friends who were with come with me to talk to Tina my friend Janice I am just changing her name because I haven’t asked her to use her name.So we went over there and started talking to her and sharing our testimony about Christ and Tina was telling us that she was delivered in jail from Heroine just woke up one day and said I don’t want to use. So I truly asked her if she ever heard of Jesus and she no she hasn’t. I was shocked and amazed at the same time. The opportunity had arose for us to tell her about Christ and we knew about our savior not nearly as much theology as I know now. We shared how God came and saved us and could do the same for her and she accepted Christ into her life that day. the news got to some Teen Challenge students that we led someone to the lord and they saw authenticity in us that we were real and wanted to live for Jesus. I spent three days there and the relationships I built I still remember all from two things hot dogs and the name of Jesus. A very important ingredient. That day I realized I wanted to be confirmed in preaching the gospel to people in places like where Tina was and I actually preached to youth this last week and 11 people came to Christ. I know it is not about numbers but praise God. I am looking for an anointing to release the captives, feed the poor, and heal the sick. i refuse to go any place else. U.S. missions is my heart and evangelizing here is my passion there are people who will be sparked by just one life and the many that will come to Christ because I have a passion to win souls.


Angel: A Conversion from Hate to Love

When on a mission trip last year I meet a cool kid name Angel. When I mean cool you know that type that sits in the back and make snide remarks. I only know this kid because, I use to be him and hang out with kids just like him. In this time of my life I felt the Holy Spirit draw me near him. I feel this lot since; I hunger for evangelism and ministering to the youth. Well, Angel has a sorted story and if I knew I probably would have scared him off at first but I have a tendency to talk to people before I say Jesus wants you to come into the Kingdom. This is a method like this of tell me your story, then I tell you Jesus story and one experience of mine that maybe impact your life. So I am talking to Angel at the youth group and he is very much closed to the idea of me ministering to him but I know guys and this guy likes music and especially drums (Holy Spirit helps a lot).So, we talk drums and then dreams and what he wants to do and then I say God can take you places you can’t imagine and then I hear the truth of his heart. Jesus I don’t believe in Jesus. Does this shock me? No, many kids at youth groups don’t believe in Jesus. Well I tell him for some reason a story of God reuniting me with my son. Angel gets a look in his eye and there it is the softening begins I broke through. Well I said would like to know Jesus and of course this is too soon but hey sometimes you never know your answer. He told me not yet and I say I am around for a couple of days and we will hang out. My college goes around to different Teen Challenges and ministers to kids everywhere and we are in Oklahoma. So we do a bonding time so we can know the kids better so we do a field day and service later that night. In the presentation I preach a message about open doors for Christ and I move with the power of the Holy Spirit and a hunger for just one soul jumps out of me and you know who it is Angel. This is the part where you have to have faith in the Father because what he told me to say was not common with what I say. These are the exact words "Angel do you want to die?" What? We talked back and forth he said he didn’t love Jesus and I told him that was a lie and I know he did and he fought every tear in his eye, I was making a bold attempt to snatch this life from the flames of hell. I was like, ok no turning back if I am going to be bold let me go all in. So guess what I did and then came the question of alright Angel what are you going to do. A stillness came into the room worship was drowned out heaven and hell were at a standstill and Boom like a sonic boom in the room. Angel began to sob and threw his arms around me and said these wonderful words."I do love Jesus, I Love Jesus". A glorious spirit broke forth and I walked him to the alter and led him to Jesus and something else happened at that alter his eyes became blank and he began to shake under the power of God and gripped the stage with such strength every man came and laid hands on him. I stepped back and say a darkness leave his eyes. Later he says a voice he has heard for so long left him that night. The leaders of the Teen Challenge said a curtain fell and let me tell everyone in that room received joy and this was one moment as a budding Evangelist I will never forget.