Tina: I never heard of Jesus!

Well it started with a mission trip to Boston almost two years ago and I haven’t been able to forget my friend Tina. Well Tina was an event that changed my life and why I received the credit for sharing her story I still can’t fathom but it purred into a moment that brought so many to Christ. Tina was a single black mother who was an ex-heroine addict who never even heard of Jesus Christ. I mean when I met Tina i was fresh out of Teen Challenge and going after people with a focused love. It started out as an outreach for Basketball with Teen Challenge Boston then moved to giving hot dogs to Tina and her friend. Tina had five kids and was living with someone else and had no job. I mean her oldest daughter who was all of 16 was carrying a baby. This in my head was crazy and I ran to go get the hot dogs and said to friends who were with come with me to talk to Tina my friend Janice I am just changing her name because I haven’t asked her to use her name.So we went over there and started talking to her and sharing our testimony about Christ and Tina was telling us that she was delivered in jail from Heroine just woke up one day and said I don’t want to use. So I truly asked her if she ever heard of Jesus and she no she hasn’t. I was shocked and amazed at the same time. The opportunity had arose for us to tell her about Christ and we knew about our savior not nearly as much theology as I know now. We shared how God came and saved us and could do the same for her and she accepted Christ into her life that day. the news got to some Teen Challenge students that we led someone to the lord and they saw authenticity in us that we were real and wanted to live for Jesus. I spent three days there and the relationships I built I still remember all from two things hot dogs and the name of Jesus. A very important ingredient. That day I realized I wanted to be confirmed in preaching the gospel to people in places like where Tina was and I actually preached to youth this last week and 11 people came to Christ. I know it is not about numbers but praise God. I am looking for an anointing to release the captives, feed the poor, and heal the sick. i refuse to go any place else. U.S. missions is my heart and evangelizing here is my passion there are people who will be sparked by just one life and the many that will come to Christ because I have a passion to win souls.


3 thoughts on “Tina: I never heard of Jesus!

  1. We often hear of missions trips to other countries throughout the world. Your experience proves that there is still work to be done close to home. I’m glad you have had success in sharing God’s word, and that the success encourages you to do more.

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