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I have a testimony that bleeds this question and how God answer’s you and bring you into a new relationship with Him daily. I am a type of Guy that sought recognition for the work I do and used that to replace the evidence of a father. I have an impeccable work ethnic in my life it has always been something I have displayed no matter what in my life. In this season of my life getting closer with God and crying out for the deeper things of God and as a maturing Christian asking God to go deeper and the answer I received was not I was looking for. I took major pride in my Christian work and not being lazy about devotions and prayer and waking up and doing what I said was fellowship with God but after a while that routine becomes mundane and dry in so much. I received an eye-opening deep revelation of Who I Am in Christ Jesus. I have never realized how I made it so much with pride and false humility and trying to put out the workmanship of Christ Jesus. I have seen the work of the Cross in my life and know that I am in Christ Jesus but my Identity lies alone in him and not in anything I can do as a follower but the direct sonship of my father. i have been focusing this season simple yet beautiful occurrence in my life. I have seen that I am His and he is mine and alone and above and below everything we are the workmanship of Christ including creation, destiny, identity. There is a passage in the Bible which say that he(Christ) was in heaven awaiting the time where is role would be implemented knowing he was going down to fall in love with all of us and die to see us glorified. Christ is my first Love and I am His first works. I am so enthralled to let people and youth and men and boys know what they are in Christ and not the cliche but the adoption and sonship of Christ and bring them closer to the arms of Christ is so beautiful.


unschedule shortcuts

Well today I went on an excursion on our 62 acres at school. I want you to picture this a not-so-country Guy walking through many different thickets of woods. I was walking through the woods to take a shortcut to the office on our property. In our shortcuts in our life we always try to take shortcuts. I was walking, ducking, and bending trying to find a path to the office. I knew there was one, because I saw others take it. I never followed them ,but I saw them come out on the other side alright. There goes so irony for you ha. I was walking and to my amazement there was a streams were lush and fertile as I took steps. I was getting lost talking to God while in the midst of my understanding saying God I know you can help me right now. So, I couldn’t find a path in the thicket so I retraced my steps not moving forward but walking backwards instead of forward. So, I went along this treeline which, looked like it would take me to this perfect trail. I knew was determined to get to the other side. I saw a hill ,but there was an obstacle a stream in the marshland. I was walking on logs and then the steady logs were gone and there was a gap and a tree I was holding on to. I have ventured far into my steps that turning back would be stupid in my own little thoughts. I was seriously hanging on to this tree breaking off limbs to make the walk on the water easily instead of going back I truly thought I could get to the other side. I mean this shortcut was becoming an obstacle. I didn’t even know, I was by myself and seeing my stubbornness. By this time I had my feet wet my pants were muddy and I was tired and sweating from a shortcut that was suppose to take me no time. I finally got out and was walking up the road to the office and being humble in such a major way. I heard God say this we take shortcuts in life make our own decision and then when we want to find the way out we call on Him. I learned some major things:
1. Never take shortcuts
2. rejoice in the path you are walking in no matter who is taken shortcuts.
3. Humbleness is a character quality.
4. Preparation is a gift.

My revival Experience

Well I sit here from an awesome experience a pivotal moment in my life when I know God is speaking to me. I have been hearing God and he has been speaking about vision and I have been hearing him say this since the beginning of the year and I attended The bay of the holy spirit revival for the second time but this time was completely different and I truly know God has brought me to Orlando and the revival for a reason I have been having awesome dreams and visions. I want to tell everyone I was touched by God kissed his feet in worship and now know I am to do the work of the evangelist what that looks like I have no Idea I know God has told me to go to India and all of Latin America. I know now I can do all thing with Christ right now I am in preparation period and guys who follow me and seen my frustration and my joy now that God is working on me but a character of love for men and women is overwhelming and I love Teen Challenge and what they are doing I ask that you guys join me in some way a prayer a like follow me on facebook I don’t know where God is sending me always but I know he has got me so I love you guys and I hope you see my heart in this. I am an Evangelist in every since of the word I love old women and children and love to feed the poor like the true definition of an evangelist see all that I am doing follow me and as I do the work of my father watch God moves in all of our lives. I see a worldwide call with all young people and God is calling forth a Joshua generation to answer the call unprepared but ready for battle

God Culture

Everyone Must come to a point of salvation and know it is only initiated by God’s Grace . In this process God will develop a culture that reflects his leadership.Through servant leadership God not only sent his only son to die for us . He gave us a model on how to build a relationship with him that’s EVERLASTING. Through characteristics of God we operate a GOD culture. We can solidify this culture by the relationship we build with holy spirit and the living word of God. This culture is based on total trust in God and what he will do to make a blessings for other’s. Are you evaluating your life and are you living a culture of God ?

Let’s pray
God please allow to live in a culture that exhibits you so you can use us more effectively

only by grace

well i been walking with my Lord for over a year now and i know he is great. I really like all to know that i have stepped out in large porttion of Faith and asked him to open doors where i have not seen them yet. I have some very serious things going in my life spirtual battles i have been fighting for others and praying more fervently than ever God has revealed so much to me in my life that i am a giant killer there is no opposition that he can’t handle that i can praise him without self image and i can only do work with him. Some vitals truth’s that i have discovered in this early walk is Grace let me make it clear and definite we can only be saved by GRACE and it is truly and absolutley sufficient . Another truth is that we have a plan that he can only initiate through his love when we think we are in control he is absolutely in control and i love him for that The Potter uses us as long as he holding us when we remove ourselves from his hands we lose that protection that power that authority to do all things through him