Topic 2: Justification and the work of Christ

                                                                            By Carl Johnson


What is Justification? What does Paul say about Justification? The answer lies in the pages of a letter called Romans that forever changed the way people thought and lived for God forever even through great minds such as Luther and Wesley. The definition of Justification is God’s declaration that a believer is restored to a state of Righteousness in His sight on the basis of faith in Christ’s redemptive work and not one’s personal accomplishments.  That is just one definition of Justification but let’s look at what Paul says   “He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification.” (Romans 4:25) In Romans by F.F. Bruce he says Christ died for our sins so we can be justified. In Romans Paul expounds even further on the stone of Justification the foundation of our salvation. “Consequently, just as the result of our trespasses was condemnation for all men, so also the result of one act of righteousness was justification that brings life for all men.”(Romans 5:18)The concept is that Jesus died for all of our trespass to justify us into a right standing with God the Father.

Now Jesus took this great trespass by one man’s disobedience, perdition and sin. Jesus Christ   obedience brings us in life to justify us from death.  In condemnation we are purposed to death but God removed this curse to restore us into life and righteousness. In Paul’s letter his doctrine is made of six crucial concepts which are election, propitiation, redemption, sanctification, glorification and justification. These aren’t in order but the basis is that it starts with Justification and ends with glorification. These terms are important to know so we can understand the totality of the Doctrine of salvation.

Doctrine in some definition is something received and that is instructed. The Greek defines the word Aletheuo to be true and to speak truth.   The term election is explained in Paul’s letter “Yet, before the twins was born or had done anything good or bad—in order that God’s purpose in election might stand.” (Romans 9:11). In, meaning not because of works but because of call of God’s purpose for Isaac’s life. In the next term in Paul’s letter that makes the doctrine is propitiation which is just as foundational for salvation in concept is in the letter “God presented him as a sacrifice of atonement through faith in his blood. He did this to demonstrate his justice, because in his forbearance he had left the sins committed beforehand unpunished” (Romans 3:25).

The key in this scripture that describes propitiation is “sacrifice of atonement” which explains this term in salvation. In the concepts of salvation we are redeemed and by this the letters says “and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” We cannot redeem ourselves only Christ can do that. In the process we are sanctified in concept is “through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we stand. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.” We are sanctified by Christ and God in this is the Conclusion of the sound doctrine of salvation. In the letter Paul says “And those he predestined, he also called: those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified. (Romans 8:30) Paul says that we are elected and justified then redeemed and sanctified and glorified. All this is done because of the righteous work of Jesus Christ.


Sphere of Influence

Sphere of Influence

  What is your sphere of influence? What are you trying to accomplish on your own? Do you have a team of people behind you Do they have your back? I have been hearing a lot in my walk about vision there are things that go with vision and I think one is influence now influence is biblical for you know scripture such as speak life and not death the tongue is powerful  have thoughts that are trustworthy and honest. These are  things  that  influence you to know that you are moving in the right direction some call it encouragement others saying lifting up your brother and sister Now back to the main point influence our savior has the best influence we have ever seen on this earth and people have been trying to influence others in his way but have been missing the mark Jesus was great at influencing  man and demons to move in the direction towards God but he never manipulated others he influenced for change and did all this with a  love for others that others can’t fathom like Hitler he killed people to control people with Fear and most rulers in this world used tactics such as fear and intimidation murder and things that include death but Jesus’ death one single sacrifice influenced the world forever his example character and  truth. I want us to challenge each other  ask ourselves who are we influencing and who is influencing us and is it influencing our world around us influence someone for change. One of the Greek words among many I will use is exousia and this is the definition from Strong’s: (in the sense of ability); privilege, that is, (subjectively) force, capacity, competency, freedom, or (objectively) mastery (concretely magistrate, superhuman, potentate, token of control), delegated influence: – authority, jurisdiction, liberty, power, right, strength. Jesus had exousia and influence to delegate authority over death and bring abundant life. In this life I want to influence others the way Jesus did, not to have power over others but to have power of this world and the one who is in it. I am a son of Light and want to shine with my vision but influence others to follow this vision I have from God.  Now who am I influencing and with my life as I live out this vision?

New Covenant

Well, I never knew, how much I wanted, to be in covenant with God and others and what the blessing that truly meant. I have been doing things on my own for so long that I never experienced the true relationship of covenant until I came in the covenant of blood with Jesus Christ and what that truly means in my life is awesome. I want to let you know that coming in covenant means coming into a community, through the blood of Christ. We as a culture, forget about our covenant community, that God has given us. The responsibility to foster or steward that correctly. In this culture we have many uncles like Laban who use things in a blessed person life for their own selfish benefits. I am under the impression that we need to pray for a covenant community in our life and welcome some things we have never experienced before in relationships. In my own life I never let anybody in other surface I pray for you but in the last year God has poured out so much of His love it is impossible for me not to want to be in community with other believers. I see there needs before mine and burden with compassion and kindness to see their true potential realized in there lives. A minister of the Gospel loves unconditionally even when his conditions aren’t perfect for the atmosphere of love. I want to love like my brother Jude he loves so much he will snatch you out of the fire of hell and hate the garment of the spotted flesh and share Christ with you to me that is beyond confrontational and intentional it is relentless like our savior Jesus Christ we must love in that manner. When i meet new people I want to get to know everything about them so I can minister correctly in their lives building a lasting covenant in heaven with them what if we all took the chance to just listen and coincide in someones life instead of I got the answer and move on but stayed right there with like Jesus does with us is this coming into His likeness. I am striving for a deeper evangelism a style that break the thoughts of evangelist everywhere. They are convicted and challenge their methods and not just travel to preach but preach in their community’s with fire of the Holy Ghost. I want the likeness of Christ to be so on the covenant community of believers that denomination is erased from the face of this earth.We are called to have the bonds of peace and blessed are the peacemakers. I know with a deepness we are to erase the culture the world offers and bring in a culture that is catching that fields catch fire not a revival in the church but it knocks down city walls.I want you all to grasp this I want to be a baptist preacher with pentecostal fervor and anointing. We are called to break down the walls of separation not build more blocks. I want to invite all who want to be a covenant person not just in church but in business at school at work.

Where is the holiness we read about?

Where is this generation of believers that are holy? We have compromised for seeker friendly churches and trendy glasses, and cool looking worship teams to satisfy the taste of the world. I search myself and question the overall move of God. We have a trend of youth who seek the next revival and not the next bible study. I remember studying holiness and being consecrated before the lord. I live in a community where holiness is compromised, daily for better friendships and what trendy new worship song you are listening too. Where are the broken spirits and hearts turned to prayer? I remember Elijah asking for help I ask the same question where, are the dedicated prayer warrior’s intercessors. I am not talking about pulpit prayers I am talking about in the closet somewhere pulling down strongholds to see God move. Where the faithful people who do not need miraculous signs but have miraculous faith. Never, swaying to the left or to the right listening to message after message. Never challenging others to be holy. Anger arousing to push others to another level not to focus on a football fellowship and next coffee and cake cell group. I have seen men and women lie down in compromise because it being scorned at for praying and seeking God too much. I am taking a stand drawing the line in the sand not to feed into any aspect of the world. I want holy hands and a dynamic life of prayer. I come to a relationship with Jesus Christ not to be adorned in trendiness and cell groups who do not even encourage reading the word. I see a reference to this generation worship that overshadows secular music instead of overshadowing hymns. I myself am to blame in not learning to worship God in Hymn. I want a generation confronted on every angle about is there life living up to God or letting Him down. I have let God down because of my human existence but that is no excuse to not, strive for a complete closeness to God. The purpose of this rant is to not, only move us to being holy but to live holy lives for Christ.

Slave Mentality

I was traveling on a train from Sanford, Florida to Jesup, Georgia when God poured this message into me before I embarked on the mission field. This was working in my life as I was still in Teen Challenge visiting my mother for the very first time out of rehab from drug and alcohol entering the world. I wanted to be free from so many things in my life and a Slave mentality is one of them I can say now that I am. I am going to expound on the holy scripture from Galatians 5:1-7 and I going to expound on each verse so bare with me I believe this has helped me in a major way. This is going to be from the English standard version :

 Gal 5:1  For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

Gal 5:2  Look: I, Paul, say to you that if you accept circumcision, Christ will be of no advantage to you.

Gal 5:3  I testify again to every man who accepts circumcision that he is obligated to keep the whole law.

Gal 5:4  You are severed from Christ, you who would be justified by the law; you have fallen away from grace.

Gal 5:5  For through the Spirit, by faith, we ourselves eagerly wait for the hope of righteousness.

Gal 5:6  For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision counts for anything, but only faith working through love.

Gal 5:7  You were running well. Who hindered you from obeying the truth?

In verse one Paul is saying “Christ has set you free!!” so never let sin ever ever hold you in bondage ever again. So many times as Christian we repent and remember and never do like God says once our transgression are blotted he remembers no more Jeremiah 31:34 “declares the LORD. For I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.”Paul says in verse 2 in accepting circumsion let yourself not be cut off from Christ in accepting law instead of grace. In John it says in the first chapter Moses brought the Law but Christ brought grace and peace.

Going back to verse 3 where we talk about the circumcision Paul is furthering the warning by saying ok you won’t let go of this circumcision issue ok here the point a reminder as a man of God the high God you are obligated, accountable and held to higher standard above the world. Let reiderate verse 4 You are severed from Christ, you who would be justified by the law; you have fallen away from grace.

Paul is saying some monumental things here he is clarifying this warning by telling who justify you sin you are separating yourself from Christ and fallen from this undeserved gift of salvation. A side note this great verse your foundation is cracked like a weather beaten road way with weeds of sin starting to grow in solidity of your faith in our savior Jesus Christ resulting in alienation from Christ maybe you need some holy ghost weed pulling. Now faith in our Lord Jesus Christ we wait to be approved in our righteousness of hope. Now faith is the sure mixing agent of our faith when we set our foundation in Christ. Paul lets you know rich or poor, black or white. The only thing, now this is foundational only means, singular is my faith, your faith, your family, and neighbors faith is its LOVE. Every action must be task must be through love not envy, jealousy, pride, covetness, resentment, bitterness, anger, immoralty, must be love.

You are striving for Christ right? What has discouraged you from living in love a brother, a sister, a job, a situation, more important is it YOU?

Romans 3 revisited

Conflict of Justice and Love



                        When thinking of God’s Justice and love you cannot separate the two. In creation you see both and throughout the Bible no separation of God’s justice and love. The character of God is both justice and love. The conflict we are going to see is between God’s character of justice and His character of love. We are going to discuss God’s justice and then his love going into the apparent conflict but not the answer to the conflict.

            “25 God presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement, through the shedding of his bloodto be received by faith. He did this to demonstrate his righteousness, because in his forbearance he had left the sins committed beforehand unpunished 26 he did it to demonstrate his righteousness at the present time, so as to be just and the one who justifies those who have faith in Jesus.”(rom.3:25-26 NIV) God is justice he cannot deny himself of what is of his essential nature. He longs for us to be restored to him but, He cannot ignore our sins. God is merciful but a just God. In all this we are wicked but God had left our sins unpunished. God had to carry out his justice which is the dilemma.

This moves us on to our next point the character of God’s love which brings us to the person of Jesus as stated “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”(Rom.5:8 NIV) God loves his creation he wants fellowship with all of us. So, he sent the holy spirit as stated “And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”(Rom.5:5 NIV) God’s dilemma that was apparently faced was His love and Justice being carried out so his word which is all truth would not contradict itself God’s love and justice was answered and but none could comprehend how God justifies the wicked.

 A statement, a truth that God proves more than evident as described by Paul in Romans 3:24 it says “yet God with undeserved kindness, declares we are righteous. He did this through Jesus Christ when he freed us from the penalty for our sins.”(Rom.3:24 NLT) In this version it translates the words very differently, the key phrases “freely by His grace” and “ justified”

(Rom.3:24 NIV) the parallel of translation of “justified” declaring our righteousness and “freely

by grace  his grace” giving undeserved kindness. We can only ask what is freely truly means it

has been defined as without restriction.

 We can’t truly understand why God is doing this unless we look at what Paul says in Romans before this “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”(Rom.3:23 NIV) So in this we are being literally put in a place right with god with the redemption of Jesus Christ. All men have not met this standard by the law but only by faith. In this giving the true since of the word “justified” a complete definition.

What is this work that Jesus Christ has done with redemption and what is the work of redemption? What is the price of this redemption and what is the meaning of this redemption?

Redemption can mean to rescue, deliver, ransom, and recover what was lost. (Lasley 2002, 198) The price so high for redemption is an atonement as described so deeply in Hebrews says this “ He did not enter by means of the blood of goats and calves; but he entered the Most Holy Place once for all by his own blood, thus obtaining eternal redemption.”(Heb. 9:12 NIV) The result of the great sacrifice for all is by faith that we believe God died on the cross for our sin and we are justified, the opposite of condemnation, which by God’s justice we would of so rightly deserved. The redemption of Christ can only be done by this idea of atonement which, all are saved by to, justified the wicked.

In this we need to describe the dimensions of atonement which include the sacrifice, Day of Atonement, and the mercy seat. The sacrifice of atonement cannot be mention unless it is paralleled with the Day of Atonement. We see Jesus dying on the cross redeeming man with a one-time sacrifice but this is to mirror a day which had to be performed every year by the Aaronic priesthood. In Bruce he states a great explanation between the two it says “The death of Christ, then, is the means by which God does away with his people’s sin – not symbolically, as in the ritual of Leviticus 16 in which the material mercy-seat figured, but really. And really in a twofold sense: the sin has removed not only from the believer’s conscience, on which it lay as an intolerable burden, but also from the presence of God.” (Bruce 1985, 100)

In this the explanation of the Day of Atonement we know some definite facts as follows, it was temporary meaning their removal sins only covered them for a year. The sacrifices were many different animals and this was the only time Aaron could come in front of God. This system God created only pointed to the new system or new covenant. This was only for the Jewish people and not for all men.

When talking about the sacrifice of atonement we see some answers to the Day of Atonement. The sacrifice of atonement was permanent using the blood of Christ. Christ was the only one to be sacrificed and no more animal sacrifices were needed. This created the new covenant with God and man. Jesus Christ sacrifice gave us confident approach to throne of God, being a sacrifice not just for the Jewish people but all men of every tribe and for every tongue.

            This gives what is this glorious mercy seat briefly described in Hebrews 9 “Above the ark and overshadowing the mercy seat were the representation of the cherubim of glory. We cannot go into detail about these things.” (Heb 9:5 AMP) This is saying by Lasley is stated “God looks down but does not see the Law the people had broken. Instead, He sees the blood of the sacrifice and is satisfied that punishment has measured out. Thus His wrath is turned aside, and fellowship is restored.”(Lasley 2002, 200) There is not much discussed on this topic much but we can say this and know it is truth God is present above the atonement cover.

            In concluding the summary of what has been discussed here God’s justice and Love the basis of justification, redemption, and propitiation. These works by God are ignited by one thing and one thing only faith. We have seen God justify the wicked bring redemption through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ all this to fulfill his law and prophecy. Paul makes great reference to this especially in Romans Chapter 3 he states “ only when we have faith we truly fulfill the law.”(Rom. 3: 31 NLT) Faith is the only thing that makes this all possible it starts as a little faith but grows and it is the only thing that keeps in relationship with God. We can do deeds try and make all things work together in our own strength. This doctrine of salvation starts and ends with faith in Jesus Christ.

God has an open door

Revelation 3:8
I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an opendoor, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.
We have been talking about time and there is a time for everything as in eccl. 3:1-8 but we are talking about the time God has chosen for you. He has a door for you while you sit there in your seat. God has chosen this door for you to go through it will be a door that leads to many other doors in your life opportunities and visions and
accomplishments but this door God has opened for you no man can shut. God knows right now what you are going through ever circumstance, thought and situation. It’s time to awaken things in you right now to give you strength it is time to get up and seek God for that door it’s time to be in the right place at the right time. If you let a situation or circumstance, move you out of the way of your door. It’s time to envision this door close your eyes see your door and know that a plan is on the other side God has opened a door for you right here at his alter. He opened that door for David to prepare to build a temple for Solomon. He also opened a door for Abraham to go into the unknown and move away for his home and go to another land. He opened a door for Paul when he couldn’t even see his door and the scales fell off his eyes. God opened a door for you right now right here at Teen Challenge. God just wants to awaken those things in you right now at the altar just for you.

1 Corinthians 16:9-For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.

God has given me this message and I actually shared it to youth through the teen challenge program and I saw God use it to bring others to Christ. I was so excited to even lead others to lord with such a simple and powerful message. God laid this message on my heart when I first arrived at Teen Challenge’s Emerging Leaders College. I want to share so bad but them God even opened a door for me I pray that those that read this see that God is opening doors for us as christian believers and challenging us to go place we have no idea what they look like. I know this is from him and I want God to continue to use and bring a strong prophetic word.

Mission Trip Part 2

Well I told you guys I write a part two to the Mission trip and I love that God has put on specific things but this is a testimony on how God honors our Labor of Love. We were leaving for Oklahoma and unbeknown to me God was at work in lives over 2000 miles away. Personally the enemy knew God had released something in my life that would be great joy but like the physical weather there was a storm in my soul a conflict had a risen and my flesh was rising quite quickly and giving a chance for the Devil to speak to me. Well the combination of the devil and my new destination thoughts were quickly rising that weren’t becoming of a minister of God. In that time God gave me strength in the storm to continue and sacrifice my flesh in so many ways and build new relationships with fellow bond-servants but I got back in the spirit and began to let the Holy Spirit fight my battles once again. We were painting and cleaning, ripping up 30 year old carpet and ripping 50 year old bars off windows and when I ripped that first set of Bars and literally screamed FREEDOM and not only did I feel it in my spirit I felt in the physical. Finally release from that condemning bitter spirit that plagues men with pride. In all this I am an absentee father praying for my son for two years I have been praying for him to come back into my life and BAM! God allowed his mother to contact me via facebook and I have a contact number for him and recent pictures c’mon God honors sacrifice and obedience especially in the storm. God has done a lot with me by saving souls and speaking boldly but this is the biggest miracle I have ever had in Jesus name in my new life as a Christian male.

Mission trip part 1

I have been traveling for two weeks on the road with my brother and sisters and seen the move of God. Our Father has endowed us with great ability to speak boldly to others in evangelism that I have never spoken with before in my life. I called people out challenged their walk and  God showed up and broke down their walls. I know I am nothing in the world but something in the kingdom of God and it is exciting. I have been prophesied over only twice in my life believe it or not and I know God honors both of those prophesy’s. One was serve God and I will get my passport and go to India and the other was be obedient in the storm and God will continue to give me powerful words for others. I had an experience I have never had before in my walk one is God using me to slay people in the spirit and speak so boldly in someone life it brings them to tears to God. I was such a willing vessel it was amazing in all that I have ever done and God is just scratching the surface of what he wants to do in and through me in Jesus Christ. I wanted to tell you guys about Eric he is a amazing testimony of how God can work and this is it we just finished the bulk of our service and Eric’s prayer was assurance in Christ he belived in Christ and shared with me that he already knew who he is and I started speaking life into him in Jesus name and a smile started to show and then I said be filled with the joy and he started laughing and Boom! God filled him up. I was floored and excited because God didn’t stop there in two days time God used me in that fashion for three other boys. During one anointing a boy fell and I saw the Fear of god face to face and witnessed his awesome power upon my hands and praised him and thanked him for using me in such a way. I have never been used by God with such favor before in my life and I know how real he is to me there is prosperity and a movement in the kingdom of God that I am apart of that is so amazing that I can’t fathom with my finite mind. I am sure God is moving rapidly through me and going to lay down some powerful words that are shaking the foundation of unbelievers and I welcome it.

My revival Experience

Well I sit here from an awesome experience a pivotal moment in my life when I know God is speaking to me. I have been hearing God and he has been speaking about vision and I have been hearing him say this since the beginning of the year and I attended The bay of the holy spirit revival for the second time but this time was completely different and I truly know God has brought me to Orlando and the revival for a reason I have been having awesome dreams and visions. I want to tell everyone I was touched by God kissed his feet in worship and now know I am to do the work of the evangelist what that looks like I have no Idea I know God has told me to go to India and all of Latin America. I know now I can do all thing with Christ right now I am in preparation period and guys who follow me and seen my frustration and my joy now that God is working on me but a character of love for men and women is overwhelming and I love Teen Challenge and what they are doing I ask that you guys join me in some way a prayer a like follow me on facebook I don’t know where God is sending me always but I know he has got me so I love you guys and I hope you see my heart in this. I am an Evangelist in every since of the word I love old women and children and love to feed the poor like the true definition of an evangelist see all that I am doing follow me and as I do the work of my father watch God moves in all of our lives. I see a worldwide call with all young people and God is calling forth a Joshua generation to answer the call unprepared but ready for battle