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unschedule shortcuts

Well today I went on an excursion on our 62 acres at school. I want you to picture this a not-so-country Guy walking through many different thickets of woods. I was walking through the woods to take a shortcut to the office on our property. In our shortcuts in our life we always try to take shortcuts. I was walking, ducking, and bending trying to find a path to the office. I knew there was one, because I saw others take it. I never followed them ,but I saw them come out on the other side alright. There goes so irony for you ha. I was walking and to my amazement there was a streams were lush and fertile as I took steps. I was getting lost talking to God while in the midst of my understanding saying God I know you can help me right now. So, I couldn’t find a path in the thicket so I retraced my steps not moving forward but walking backwards instead of forward. So, I went along this treeline which, looked like it would take me to this perfect trail. I knew was determined to get to the other side. I saw a hill ,but there was an obstacle a stream in the marshland. I was walking on logs and then the steady logs were gone and there was a gap and a tree I was holding on to. I have ventured far into my steps that turning back would be stupid in my own little thoughts. I was seriously hanging on to this tree breaking off limbs to make the walk on the water easily instead of going back I truly thought I could get to the other side. I mean this shortcut was becoming an obstacle. I didn’t even know, I was by myself and seeing my stubbornness. By this time I had my feet wet my pants were muddy and I was tired and sweating from a shortcut that was suppose to take me no time. I finally got out and was walking up the road to the office and being humble in such a major way. I heard God say this we take shortcuts in life make our own decision and then when we want to find the way out we call on Him. I learned some major things:
1. Never take shortcuts
2. rejoice in the path you are walking in no matter who is taken shortcuts.
3. Humbleness is a character quality.
4. Preparation is a gift.


Privilege to Preach

So often I think of salvation and deliverance in my life. I want to see others radically delivered. I am reading K.P. yohannan Revolution for world missions and God has revealed so much to me in this great read. This book so often points the privilege American Christians have. i intern as of now at a Bible College. In ministry I have a oppourtunity only some pray for, it is amazing the lives I have seen lives changed. Rarely god lets us glimpse at what he thinks. I have the incomparable , undeserved privilege to preach. I am so grateful when God allows me to use my testimony but this week, A talk with my Leader and Mentor brought it all to terms not seen before. HE told me “I have no doubt you hear from God” but he reminded me of the responsibility that brings. I have lost a lot of loved ones and friends this past year. These instances increase my thankfulness in God. I want to turn to scripture that lines up with this James 3:1 “not many of you should become teachers my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.” I remember reading that Martin Luther King preached for seven years before delivering his first sermon( do not be mad if this is not accurate) I want to associate preaching God’s word with the same as the gift of salvation it is undeserved. So many say they are prophets of God but did they go to the wilderness in sack cloth and eat locust and honey. I haven’t even been called to that but the glorious power of the holy spirit brings when God speaks through us, I have definitely experienced. My main point is to notice the privileges God gives us to be accountable. Even when we are sharing on Facebook and in email. We are held accountable for everything we do. So often as children of God we forget the privileges allotted to us and take them for granted. I thank God he chose me and fear God completely. I even me must remember the responsiblity and how unworthy I am to deliver his word. I have his promises and so do you but lets cloth ourselves in this new age with humility and boldness. Come to recognize it is not our opinion it is God word and it is definitely a privilege.

Be blessed